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Initial outpatient consultation: £150

Follow-up outpatient consultation: £110



Autorefraction: £13

Corneal keratometry: £13

Corneal pachymetry (including bilateral): £26

Corneal topography : £108

Endothelial Cell Count: £108

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography: £336

OCT (anterior segment): £108

OCT (posterior segment): £108

Optometric refraction: £108

Photography (fundus or anterior segment sole): £108

Ultrasound (B-scan): £216

Visual Field testing: £36


Cataract Surgery

Cataract (phacoemulsification with monofocal lens): £2328


Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty (two eyelids): £2487

Blepharoplasty (3/4 lids: £2869

Ectropion correction (for turning-out lower lid) with graft/flap: £1626

Ectropion (for turning-out lower lid) without graft/flap: £1524

Entropion correction (for turning-in lower lid): £1584

Entropion correction (for turning-in upper lid): £1620

Eyelid cyst treatment: £309

Eyelid lesion biopsy: £950

Eyelid lesion excision: £591

Eyelid canthus (inner or outer corner) lesion excision: £1134

Eyebrow lesion excision of lesion: £749

Ptosis correction (for droopy lid): £1763

Punctal plug insertion (for dry eyes) bilateral: £245

Puncto-canaliculoplasty (for watery eyes) bilateral: £1283

Skin graft to eyelid: £1446

Skin graft to canthus (inner or outer corner): £1452

Trichiasis (in-growing lash) correction by electrolysis/cryotherapy: £569



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